Baupanel Single-family house, Villanueva de Algaidas (Málaga)

23 December 2018 - Office - Comments -

Hello everyone.

Today I present a detached single-family house in Villanueva de Algaidas (Málaga).


The plot is located in a recently built urbanization with mainly single-family homes, attached to roads and medians, with a backyard.


This project began in 2015, undergoing several changes by initially proposing a two-storey building with one home per floor and, finally, building a plant with a single home.

This home has been designed in RBM Architecture Studio through the architect Raúl Benítez Molina, and directed by the same and by the technical architect Ana Mª Núñez Delgado, being the promoters a couple who wanted a second residence with the demands of being wide, luminous, with open spaces, at the same time that it had to possess high standards of isolation.

This building is located on a trapezoidal plot with a north façade, with an area of ​​185.76 m² and boundaries to other residential lots. This area of ​​the urbanization has a firm with little resistance that has forced to make an improvement of the land and use a slab of foundation, to distribute the loads of the building.

To allow a flexible design with high insulating requirements as well as reinforcing the structure to prevent differential seats and cracks in residential housing, the Baupanel structural system was chosen.


The Baupanel system is characterized for being an integral constructive system, resistant earthquake and thermal-acoustic insulation based on a set of structural panels. Each element is constituted by a 3D structure in high strength steel formed by two flat meshes strongly interconnected by multiple perpendicular bars.

The space left between the steel meshes is occupied by the insulating plate with characteristics suited to the needs of the project. This set is completed on site by application of two layers of micro-concrete of predetermined thickness either by pneumatic projection or pouring into formwork.

By linking the panels in a monolithic manner, according to the arrangement of walls and slabs, without interposition of joints of any kind, a super-three-dimensional reinforced concrete structure is generated that allows all kinds of architectural works to be carried out, from single-family homes to multi-storey buildings plants.


The house is developed in a plant with three main elements: diaphanous diurnal area, compact night zone and service area. Taking advantage of the best orientation of the site, a slanted floor is designed next to a flat floor, creating a horizontal hole in the roof facing south that introduces the light inside the house as a second facade, indicating the separation of the day and night zone .


The diurnal zone has an open concept, incorporating different free heights and a south-facing skylight.


The night zone has a compact but wide concept due to the inclined slab and facing northeast. In it the bedrooms and the bathroom are located.


The service area consists of the garage, the patio and the terrace.

1507_09_ Housing-baupanel-villanueva-de-algaidas-arquitecto-raul-benitez

The house has an area of ​​150.52 m² built, including the closed spaces of the house as the garage.
On the ground floor, there are three areas described above: day, night and service area.


On the roof floor, there is the terrace with the facilities and the large window of the living room, in addition to the sloping tile roof.


The distribution of the house is clear, functional and compact, having a usual functional program.


The cross section of the house in the key of the project, since it shows the double south façade of the house.

In conclusion, the design of this house seeks to create spacious and modern spaces, at the same time practical and comfortable, with the combination of indoor and outdoor spaces along with several routes, an elegant, luxurious and functional home is designed for the enjoyment of ther owner.


A greeting.

Raúl Benítez.

+34 647698027 / +34 958192320

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