Execution of restrooms reform in public school, Cuevas de San Marcos

02 July 2017 - Office - Comments -

This week has begun the reform of the bathrooms of the nursery school and the dining room bathrooms of the Ciudad de Belda public school, in Cuevas de San Marcos.

Once the school classes are finished and taking advantage of the summer holidays, the City Hall of Cuevas de San Marcos, begins the renovation works to improve part of the installations of some buildings with more than 30 years.

The reform consists in renovating the facilities, in addition to improving the accessibility of the dining room by incorporating an accessible bathroom and creating a ramp that connects the dining room and the access porch to the primary classrooms.

Specifically, the sanitation, plumbing and electricity networks are replaced, as well as the coverings, carpentry, toilets and faucets.

We hope that after the school holidays, both children and teachers can enjoy these renovated facilities.

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