Descriptive and graphic certificate for an existing residence in Estación de Archidona, Málaga

25 September 2023 - Office - Comments -

Hello everyone, 

Today, I present to you a descriptive and graphic certificate for an existing residence in Estación de Archidona, Málaga.


The residence is located in Urban Land as per the General Urban Planning (PGOU) of Archidona.

This project has been carried out at RBM Architecture Studio by architect Raúl Benítez Molina, with the aim of correcting the boundaries in the Cadastre, documenting the exact built area, and the land area, as the reality did not match the Cadastre.


The residence was not registered in the Property Registry, so they demanded alignment between the Cadastre, reality, and what was described in the certificate in order to access the Property Registry and allow the buyer to mortgage the house for purchase.

Therefore, the report describes the following characteristics of the residence:

- The land has an area of 613.65 square meters.

- The residence occupies an area of 164.67 square meters.

- The residence has a built area on the ground floor of 164.67 square meters and on the first floor of 82.76 square meters. The total built area is 247.43 square meters.

It also details the functional program of the residence:

- Ground floor: Entrance, several rooms, hallway, laundry room, kitchen, and various storage rooms, in addition to the patio. There is a right-of-way path after the construction ends, with an approximate width of 4 meters, which connects the plots to the southeast with the plot to the northwest.

- First floor: Stairs, corridor, and several bedrooms.


The goal was to facilitate the sale of the residence. Ultimately, the Cadastre was corrected, and it was registered in the Property Registry.


Best regards.

Raúl Benítez. 

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