Detached house with swimming pool, Jun (Granada)

30 August 2017 - Office - Comments -

Hello to everyone.

In the present day, I present you a detached house with swimming pool in Jun (Granada).


The highlight of the site was a breathtaking view of the Valley of Granada from the slope of Alfaguara´s mountain chain, next to Sierra Nevada.


This project followed the first in designing and directing RBM Office of Architecture through the architect Raúl Benítez Molina and its promoter is my good friend Pablo Lopez. The client wanted a modern, bright, spacious and luxurious house, while functional and comfortable.

The plot is rectangular and spacious with an area of 600 m², bordering a beautiful park and an upper bound on its boundaries that allow no visual obstacles.

The privileged position marks the main idea of the project: to incorporate the views to the house and to adapt to the topography of the lot.


The house was designed on three floors and intercalating indoor and outdoor spaces covered and uncovered. The element that unites them is the core of communications composed of stairs and elevator.

A mixed structure of metallic pillars, pillars and reinforced concrete walls has been used, together with unidirectional slab with half-blocks of reinforced concrete.

The roofs are flat, part of them walkable as a terrace on the top floor and part of it as inverted deck non-walkable, including building facilities and two skylights that provide zenithal lighting.


The building was also designed to be viewed from the adjoining park, offering a nice picture with porches and terraces, plus the patio and pool.

The property has an area of 522 m² built total, of which there are 4 porches with 110 m² built as covered outdoor spaces.

In the semi-basement and partially underground, there is the parking and cellar as main elements, accompanied internally by the communications core and a bathroom, besides the porch, patio and pool as external elements. It is an autonomous space of housing, as it has its pedestrian and vehicle entrance.


On the ground floor is the day area of the house (living room, kitchen, bathroom and office) besides the entrance, living room and kitchen’s porches.

And on the upper floor, is the night area of the house (bedrooms, dressing room, bathrooms and laundry), next to the terrace.


The design of the exteriors allows crossing the lot and access to the house by different accesses, connecting the porches with the patio and the swimming pool.

The garden of ground floor covers the lands that hide the semi-basement by regulation.


The south and west façades group the zones with greater activity both inside and outside, allowing the hollows and covered spaces of greater size.

The north and east façades group the quieter areas and with the smaller gaps and porches.

In addition, cantilevers protect from water and wind, natural elements quite frequent in this location, in addition to providing sun protection, so necessary in Andalusian latitude.


The semi-basement patio is the exterior with greater surface, since it includes the access roll to the garage as the porch, the patio and the swimming pool.

This space is products of the adaptation to the topography of the plot, gaining surface and practically without obstacles by adjoining buildings because they are in lower dimensions.


The swimming pool is in the best position by sunshine since it has no obstacle throughout the year, for views as it takes advantage of the obligatory setback of the adjoining building and have the park to see the urbanization and the valley of Granada, and by amplitude for be able to be covered and extend the period of enjoyment of said installation.

In conclusion, the design of this house seeks to create spacious and modern spaces, while practical and comfortable, with the combination of interior and exterior spaces along several routes, is designed an elegant, luxurious and functional house for the enjoyment of its owner.


A greeting.

Raúl Benítez.

+34 647698027 / +34 958192320

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