Detached single-family house, Iznájar (Córdoba)

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Today we are going to discuss a free single-family house in Iznájar (Córdoba)

Detached house in Iznájar

The house is located in an urban area near the historic center of the town, where there is a predominance of single-family houses attached to party walls. It is located on a street with a very steep slope.


This project began in 2008 with the aim of building a single-family house in the aforementioned municipality.

This house has been designed in RBM Estudio de Arquitectura through the architect Raúl Benítez Molina, and directed by the same and by the technical architect Ana Mª Núñez Delgado. The developer wanted to take advantage of the slope for a semi-basement as a garage and because of this, the building is staggered to adapt to the slope. He wanted a large backyard. The house has a traditional program with 4 bedrooms, one of them with dressing room, and two bathrooms with laundry room incorporated to unify the circuit of the dirty clothes. During the execution, the terrain imposed its conditions since it is composed of expansive clays, which are very volatile to changes in humidity.

This building is located on a regular rectangular plot. The facade is oriented to the south, with a solar surface of 249.27 square meters, a total built area of 360.10 square meters divided into two floors (B+1) and a semi-basement.


The predominant construction method is the use of reinforced concrete. First of all, a foundation slab was chosen to ensure a uniform distribution of the loads on the ground, which was previously improved since its predominant composition is expansive clay. It was rehabilitated by gravel filling and then backfilled with compacted gravel. From this base, reinforced basement walls were erected to contain the earth surrounding the area.


From the top of these walls, reinforced concrete columns are built in-situ to transmit the loads to the foundations of the upper levels. For this project, one-way reinforced concrete floor slabs with half joists are proposed. Some spans include hanging beams, which, by decision of the developer, were inverted upwards so that they would not be visible. Another of the solutions chosen for the execution of the work was the decision to use a flat beam instead of a hanging beam, but with small metal columns that would be embedded inside an interior partition, and therefore imperceptible.


The house consists of two floors in height and a basement, taking advantage of the steep slope of the street in which it is located and is provided with garage and storage use. It has a traditional program with four bedrooms, one of them with dressing room, and another is located on the first floor obtaining a flexible use over time. The two bathrooms with built-in laundry room to unify the circuit of dirty clothes stand out. In addition, a large patio of approximately 40 square meters with a swimming pool is planned. The control of light is one of the most important objectives of the project, as well as the comfort in the interior rooms throughout all seasons of the year.


The house is located in a privileged place of the municipality. It has incredible views towards the historic center of Iznájar, maintaining and respecting the architecture that governs the municipal fabric.


Raúl Benitez.

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