Single-family semi-detached free-standing self-built house, Cuevas de San Marcos (Málaga)

02 August 2023 - Office - Comments -

Hello everyone. 

Today, I present to you a self-built semi-detached single-family home located in Cuevas de San Marcos (Málaga).


The house is located in an urban area in the center of the town, where single-family houses are predominantly predominate attached single-family dwellings to vial and to medianeras.


This project began in 2007, with the purpose of building a single-family house in the aforementioned municipality. aforementioned municipality.

This house has been designed in RBM Estudio de Arquitectura through the architect Raúl Benítez Molina, and directed by the same and by the technical architect Ana Mª Núñez Delgado, the promoters wanted a traditional design that houses flexible and comfortable uses. A clear example of this are the terraces.

This building is located on a trapezoidal plot with a southeast facing facade, with a plot area of 150.29 m², a constructed area of 375.26m², divided into two floors (B+1) and a basement. divided into two floors (B+1) and a basement.


Previously the land consisted of two previous plots. There was a natural slope that was used as a semi-basement garage, due to the lack of parking on the street. The adjoining houses are old and it was decided to excavate and build the basement using the crawl space by means of potholes. The developers wanted a large backyard and the second floor overhangs the backyard to provide shade and take advantage of the space on the first floor. second floor.


The construction system used is mainly reinforced concrete. First of all, a foundation slab is chosen that allows the distribution of the loads to the ground to be uniform, and from which basement walls are created, with excavation by means of ramming jacks that will envelop the space. From the top of this wall, the reinforced concrete pillars that will be in charge of transmitting the loads to the foundations of the floor slabs. to the foundations of the second floor and roof slabs. The slabs that make up the The slabs that make up the house are one-way reinforced concrete slabs with half joists. At The roof is an inverted flat roof, finished with walkable flooring.


Detached house consisting of two floors in height (B + 1) including a basement, providing it with garage and storage basement, providing it for garage and storage use. The house has a classic distribution, where the terraces and patios stand out. The roof is accessible, creating a solarium and accessible creating a solarium.

1712_07-dwelling-cuevas-de-san-marcos architect-raul-benitez

The construction has an updated finish that combines the classic Andalusian white paint and grayish andalusian classic white paint and grayish porcelain.

A greeting.

Raúl Benítez.

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