Detached single-family house valdearenas, Iznájar (Córdoba)

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Hello to everyone.

    Today we are going to discuss a free single-family house in Iznájar (Córdoba).


The house is located in a residential development, where there is a predominance of free single-family houses. single-family dwellings predominate. It is planned as a second home.


This project began in 2008, with the purpose of building a single-family house in the aforementioned municipality.
aforementioned municipality.

This house has been designed in RBM Estudio de Arquitectura through the architect Raúl Benítez Molina, and directed by the same and by the technical architect Ana Mª Núñez Delgado.

The house is located on a regular plot whose facade is oriented to the south, with a plot area of 489.43 m² and a total built area of 145.85m² distributed in a single floor. distributed in a single floor.


The structure is made of reinforced concrete. The foundation consists of a single slab that rises at the same level of the ground and from which emerge pillars built on site. The roof slab is a one-way reinforced concrete slab with semi-joists.

The house has an inclined tile roof, which, together with an accessible space for maintenance, make up the mixed roof formed by a flat walkable and inclined roof.


Initially, pillars were planned for the porch, but by decision of the promoters, it was cantilevered, reinforcing the structure with hanging beams. cantilevered, reinforcing the structure by means of hanging beams.


It opts for a classic distribution, at the rear is located the night area and in front, next to the entrance and patio, the daytime area. It has a large patio with swimming pool, a living room, a kitchen and 3 bedrooms, one of them with private bathroom.


The client wanted an optimal housing for the rest, without stairs and a porch where to make life next to the swimming pool. On the roof, a space for installations is proposed.


The promoters gave great importance to the exterior rooms, therefore, they opted for the design of a large courtyard surrounding the house. The access to the house is through the courtyard.

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