Partial replacement of the roof of a semi-detached house, Cuevas de San Marcos (Málaga)

08 August 2023 - Office - Comments -

Hello everyone.

Today I present to you a partial replacement of the roof of a semi-detached house in Cuevas de San Marcos (Málaga).


The house is located in the center of the town. It is a building with protection according to the PGOU, so the facade typology and volume were maintained.


This project was initiated in 2018, with the aim of helping to preserve the house by changing the roof.

This house has been designed at RBM Architecture Studio by architect Raúl Benítez Molina, and directed by him and the technical architect Ana Mª Núñez Delgado. The partial replacement of the roof of a semi-detached single-family house, which is in a defective condition, will be carried out. The proposal includes partially demolishing the existing roof, including the slab, and projecting a new inclined roof with a two-sloped Arab tile covering.


Originally, the structure consisted of pillars and wooden beams, which were removed from the roof. Subsequently, the parapet is extended using brickwork, and the structure is executed, reinforced with a perimeter beam.


This building is located on a trapezoidal plot, with its facade facing east, with a total plot area of 412.85 m² and a total built area of 508.37 m² divided into three floors (B+2). The intervention area covers 144.86 m², which is the total area of the house's roof.


This is the proposed final elevation of the house. As mentioned above, being a protected building according to the PGOU, the typology of the facade and volumetry was maintained.


Here is the roof finish. The parapet at the end of the skirt is also rehabilitated.



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