Expansion of a free attached single-family home, Cuevas de San Marcos (Málaga).

11 August 2023 - Office - Comments -

Hello everyone. 

Today, I present to you the expansion of a free attached single-family home in Cuevas de San Marcos (Málaga).


The house is located in an urban area where single-family homes from the 1960s predominate, attached to roads and party walls.


This residence has been designed at RBM Architecture Studio by architect Raúl Benítez Molina, and directed by him and technical architect Ana Mª Núñez Delgado. The client desired to enhance the spatiality and quality of their home, as well as to renovate its facade and accommodate new uses, such as the need to expand an office on the ground floor and enlarge the two bedrooms on the first floor, including a bathroom.

This building is located on a trapezoidal plot with a northeast-facing facade, with a plot area of 475.70 m² and a built-up area of 343.77 m², surrounded by other residential buildings. After the proposal, the built-up area increased to 393.75 m².

To allow for flexible design with high insulation requirements, a new structure needed to be incorporated alongside the existing one, and the Baupanel system was chosen as the best functional system.


The Baupanel system is characterized as an integral construction system that is seismic-resistant and provides thermal and acoustic insulation. It is based on a set of structural panels. Each element consists of a 3D steel structure with high resistance, formed by two strongly interconnected flat meshes with multiple perpendicular bars.

The space between the steel meshes is filled with an insulating plate with characteristics suitable for the project's needs. This assembly is completed on-site by applying two layers of micro-concrete with a predetermined thickness, either through pneumatic projection or pouring into formwork.

By linking the panels monolithically, according to the arrangement of walls and slabs, without any joint interposition, a three-dimensional reinforced concrete superstructure is created, allowing for all kinds of architectural works, from singlefamily homes to multi-story buildings.


One of the interesting features to highlight in the project is the presence of an old party wall on the boundary. It was decided to support the floor slab on this wall, as the Baupanel system transmits light loads and the existing wall was sufficient.


It is a two-story compact design: on the ground floor, there is a garage, storage areas, and a studio, along with access to the first floor, which comprises the dwelling with four bedrooms and a central courtyard that articulates the interior spaces.

The expansion has been executed using the Baupanel construction system, which allows for great flexibility in design and comprehensive thermal insulation in the envelope. Its finish is clean and updated.


Daytime areas incorporated in the expansion include workspaces and office, where appropriate lighting for the use of the space predominates.


Another added space is the bathroom, directly connected to the previously existing master bedroom. This space is equipped with natural ventilation and lighting.


In conclusion, the design of this expansion aims to increase the comfort of the interior spaces of the house by creating spacious and modern, comfortable, and functional areas. The house has an elegant and modern ceramic finish. The manufacturer worked with for the cladding is COVERLAM.

A greeting.

Raúl Benítez.

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