A energy efficiency certificate for an existing dwelling in Cuevas de San Marcos (Málaga)

12 September 2023 - Office - Comments -

Hello everyone, 

Today I presnt you a energy efficiency certificate for an existing dwelling in Cuevas de San Marcos (Málaga).


The dwelling is located in the heart of the town and is a semi-detached single-family house.

The certificate outlines the energy characteristics of the building. It assesses the living area, the building envelope, and thermal installations.

Concerning the building envelope, thermal transmittance and solar factor are estimated. Alongside the surface areas, these values contribute to generating a result for the report.

Regarding the thermal installations within the dwelling, the heating and cooling systems, as well as the domestic hot water installations, are studied.


This project has been carried out at RBM Architecture Studio by architect Raúl Benítez Molina.

The report details the checks and various inspections conducted during the data collection and energy efficiency assessment process of the building.


As a conclusion, a recommendation is made for improving the building's energy efficiency by changing the exterior carpentry.

This type of certificate allows the owner to receive assistance for enhancing the energy efficiency of their dwelling, leading to reduced electricity bills.


Best regards.

Raúl Benítez.

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