Unauthorized boundary report regarding a private road in Loja (Granada)

18 September 2023 - Office - Comments -

Hello everyone, 

Today, I present to you an unauthorized boundary report regarding a private road in Loja (Granada).


This project was carried out at RBM Architecture Studio by architect Raúl Benítez Molina.

In this case, the client disagrees with the boundary established by their neighbor within the private access road to both properties' garages.

The boundary is established using a metal fence. This caused a reduction in the width of the private road, going from 3.80 meters to 2.32 meters, with approximately 1 meter being an impassable shoulder, making it practically inaccessible for vehicular access from the public road to their garage.


After visiting the site and analyzing the collected evidence, such as property records, deeds, and cadastral information, the following data has been determined:

- In 1970, the land was divided into two plots. Plot number one (belonging to our client) and plot number two, each with an area of 1,086.31 square meters.

- Subsequently, plot number two was subdivided into four plots with two owners.

- The subject plot (our client's) has a registered area of 1,086 square meters, as mentioned earlier, while the actual measured area is 745 square meters, considering the line marked by the metal fence that the client disagrees with.

- In the case of the group of four plots (plot number two), they add up to 1,123 square meters, resulting in an excess of land, considering the line marked by the metal fence that the client disagrees with.

Therefore, based on all this information, it can be concluded that there is a deficiency of 304.62 square meters in actual measurements. Consequently, the subject plot is the one that has suffered the entire deficiency, while the group of resulting plots has not suffered any deficiency. On the contrary, they have an excess of land.


Both property owners have given their consent to the adjustments outlined in the Graphic Validation Report. In the end, the cadastral representation has been rectified to align with reality.


Best regards.

Raúl Benítez.


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